Monday, Nov. 13
1:00pm-11:00pm Men’s and Women’s PSA qualifying matches
Tuesday, Nov. 14
4:00pm-11:00pm Women’s PSA main round matches
Men’s PSA 2nd round qualifying matches
Wednesday, Nov. 15
1:00pm-11:00pm Men’s and Women’s PSA main round matches
Thursday, Nov. 16
4:00pm-11:00pm Men’s and Women’s PSA quarter finals
6:00pm-10:00pm Sponsor appreciation night
Friday, Nov. 17
4:00pm-11:00pm Amateur event begins
6:00pm-11:00pm Men’s and Women’s PSA semi finals
6:00pm Draw prizes/silent auction open
8:00pm Pizza at Huron Oaks and Riding Club
Saturday, Nov. 18
9:00am Coffee and Muffins
10:00am   Silent Auction and Raffle Prizes on display
4:00pm Women's PSA Final
5:00pm Men's PSA Final
6:15pm Draw prizes/silent auction close
7:00pm   Dinner, PSA Awards, Silent Auction and Raffle Draws, Bluewater Health Donations
Sunday, Nov. 20
9:00am Coffee and Muffins
10:00am- 2:00pm Amateur Division Finals
2:00pm Amateur Awards
Tickets for the raffle and bids for the silent auction will be available on Friday evening and continue until the start of the Men's PSA Final.